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Abbot Cellach is a fictional character from the movie "The Secret Of Kells." He is voiced by Brendan Gleeson.


Pre-movie, Abbot Cellach’s sister, along with her husband, were killed during a Viking attack. They left behind a baby Brendan, who the Abbot rescued by taking down a trio of Vikings. His facial scar comes from protecting Brendan that night. He raised Brendan along with the monks in Kells.


A former illuminator himself, Abbot Cellach now utilizes his talents for the purposes of designing a wall to protect the Abbey of Kells from invasion. He is very concerned for everyone's safety, especially that of his nephew Brendan.

Abbot Cellach is very strict, especially with things concerning Brendan. He is very protective of Kells and does everything he can to stop the Vikings from conquering Kells. Therefore, the wall around the Abbey he is creating is very much the only thing that concerns him, altough Aidan, who had already seen the Vikings destroying Iona, insists that no wall would stop the northmen for long. Only at the end of the movie, after the destruction of Kells (and therefore the wall having been proved useless), does Abbot Cellach have a change of heart.


With BrendanEdit

Brendan loves his uncle and tried to save him from the Vikings. The Abbot is strict with Brendan and disallows him to go outside the walls or be around Aidan. It is only at the end of the movie that Abbot realized that he should have listened to Brendan about the Book of Kells, and Brendan returns from his journey.

With AidanEdit

Cellach's and Aidan's relationship is troubled. Abbot doesn't agree with Aidan letting Brendan write the Book of Kells, while Aidan thinks Cellach is wrong and disagrees with his thought that the walls would keep the Vikings away. However, the book states that they were friends, and even describes them sharing jokes and laughing during a meal. This backstory is reforced when Aiden refers him as ''Brother Cellach'' before correcting himself.

With AislingEdit

Aisling and Abbot Cellach had never interacted by the fact that Abbot never went outside the walls of Kells during the movie, and was asleep the only time Aisling entered Kells.

With Pangur BanEdit

Pangur Ban and Abbot Cellach have interacted once, though the two have no relationship shared: Cellach sees Pangur only as a common cat and thus is not interested in her.