Aidan, a fictional character from "The Secret of Kells"



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Mick Lally


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Aidan is a fictional character from "The Secret Of Kells". He is voiced by Mick Lally.


Aidan is at the very least the illuminator of most of the Book of Kells, called the Book of Iona during his time. He was considered to be the perfect illuminator, largely due to the fact that he was the Keeper of the Eye of Crom. However, the original Eye is lost when Aidan flees Iona, as the Abbey is attacked by Vikings.


As the Vikings attacked the Scottish island of Iona, master illuminator Brother Aidan fled in order to finish the Book of Iona. At the Abbey of Kells, he quickly becomes a friend and unofficial teacher of Brendan, the young, imaginative and talented nephew of the Abbot, Cellach.

Cheerful and incredibly energetic, Aidan has clearly not let go of his childish side, despite the fact that he carries the immense burden of loss and responsibility. In addition to his well-known illuminating skills, he's also well-versed in the art of making ink, and teaches Brendan how to do so.


With BrendanEdit

Brendan and Aidan are not only student and teacher, they're also close friends. Aidan saw great promise in the young boy, and entrusted a great responsibility on him, in addition to choosing him as his apprentice. Aidan encouraged Brendan to unleash his imagination, and to go outside the walls of Kells and appreciate the beauty of nature. Later in life, Aidan entrusted Brendan with the Book of Kells before his death.

With AislingEdit

Aisling and Aidan had never interacted.

With Abbot CellachEdit

The Abbot and Aidan clearly know each other from before Cellach was an Abbot, as Aidan accidentally calls the younger man "Brother Cellach" before using the correct title. In addition, Aidan speaks wistfully of how Cellach used to be. Whether they were friends or not is unknown, but Aidan clearly knew Cellach rather well. However, they clashed on how to treat Brendan: Cellach wanted to keep Brendan safe in the Abbey, and disapproved of his nephew's apprenticeship with Aidan. When Brendan continually disobeys the Abbot, the Abbot blames Aidan's influence, and demands that the brother leave "with the first thaw of spring." However, Aidan acknowledges that Cellach was only trying to protect Brendan, and when Aidan and Brendan believe Cellach to be dead, Aidan specifically names Cellach as a reason why he, Aidan, must keep Brendan safe.

With Pangur BanEdit

Pangur Ban has been with Aidan since Iona, though how they met is never stated. She seems to be very loyal to Aidan, though her loyalty extends to Brendan as well, and the old man and the cat share a fondness for the boy. When Aidan and Brendan are threatened by Vikings, Pangur leaps to their aid, and, luckily, survives the encounter.