Chief Viking
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Base of Operations

Unknown (probably somewhere in Scandinavia or Norway)



The Chief Viking is the leader of the Vikings.


The Chief Viking leads his fighters from an unknown coast towards Kells. On their way, the Vikings destroy at least one more village or farm, most likely more. After they destroyed the gate of Kells, the Vikings swarm out to track down the villagers. The Chief Viking eventually meets the wounded Abbot Cellach. He hits him with his sword, then takes his golden necklace. Afterwards, he breaks into the scriptorium where Brendan and Brother Aidan are hiding and destroys the furniture with his men, but does not find the monks because they create a huge cloud of green smoke and flee while the vikings cannot see them in the smoke.

The Chief Viking and two other vikings finally encounter Brendan and Brother Aidan on their escape through the forest. The Chief Viking takes the Book of Iona and scrolls through it. Then he rips all pages out and scatters them on the snowy ground. He then ordered his men to kill the two monks, but then Aisling's Wolves attack the Chief and his two men and kill them.


The character of the Chief Viking is not very complicated, at least we do not see it in the movie. He is shown as an evil warlord who kills many people for pillaging gold and worships a dark, blood-thirsty god. Their greed for gold is indicated by the fact that they do not make sure the Abbot is dead, but rather take his gold necklace, which seems to illustrate their priorities. The only word uttered in englsih by the Vikings is a guttural "Gold..." when they catch up with Brendan and Brother Aidan, as if to further emphasize that gold is their primary motive (but they seem to talk fluently an unknown language between them), and then steal the cover of The Book of Iona while laying waste to the "true treasure" of the pages.


Abbot Cellach The Chief Viking doesn't care a penny about the abbot: He wounds him badly, robs and then leaves him.

Vikings He is the leader of the Vikings.

Brother Aidan and Brendan He tried to kill them.

Crom Cruach According to Abbot Cellach, the vikings worship Crom Cruach.

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