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The Cave Of Crom is a fictional cave from the movie "The Secret Of Kells." It is said to be the home of the Irish god of death, Crom Cruach.


Brendan discovered the Cave of Crom when he was inside the forest. Aisling told him no to go inside, but Brendan didn't listen, for he thought that the Crom was just imaginary. He made an attempt to go inside the cave but when he got closer, black creepy "lines" started attacking him until Aisling dropped the statue and broke the lines.

Since Brendan needed the eye (crystal) of the Crom so that Aidan could teach him, he attempted to go back into the cave again, and this time Aisling helped him. This time, the lines attacked Aisling, not Brendan. He succeeded.


Outside of the CaveEdit

Described as a place of suffering, the outside of Crom's cave is distinctly forboding. Guarded by two humanoid statues, the entrance to the cave has a dark, ominous aura. Aisling seems to come under great pain as she nears the enterance of the cave, while Brendan does not, suggesting that perhaps Crom's darkness is especially malignant to fairies.

Inside of the CaveEdit

Once Brendan entered the cave, the floor cracked beneath him and he fell into a black void lit with floating blue lights. He was able to float in this void, and it was here he encountered Crom, a massive, snake like creature.