The Forest
The Forest


The Forest


Outside Of Kells

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Aisling, The Animals, The Wolves

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The Forest belongs to Aisling. It contains 4 parts.

Part 1Edit

The Forest contains long, thin trees. It is very sunny at times as is the home of many animals. When Brendan first went there, he was amazed at the outside world. Aisling is fond of hiding there in the bushes, usually only her eyes could only bee seen. When the gate of Kells is opened or when Brendan looks through the cracks of the walls, the 1st part of the forest is always seen.


Part 2Edit

The centre is very foggy and misty, and is the home of many wolves, especially their ruler, Aisling. It contains many standing stones, 8 surrounding one very special stone at the center. There is fog and mist everywhere, making the place very hard to see. The centre is also the place where Brendan, Aisling, and Pangur Ban meet when Aisling saved Brendan from the wolves and returned his cat.


Part 3Edit

Part 3 bears a similarity to Part 1, only more beautiful and more magical. There are also more animals living there. There are also more plants around and more trees are growing and they are much taller and bigger compared to the palm trees in Part 1. There is also a beautiful waterfall. Brendan found his berries there to make ink.


Part 4Edit

Main Article: The Cave Of Crom

The fourth part of the forest is home to the Cave of Crom Cruach. Unlike the first and third parts, which are sunlit and magical-looking, and the misty, mysterious second part, it is a dark and foreboding place. The Cave of Crom is guarded by two grotesque statues. This area seems to have a malignant effect on Aisling, and possibly others of her ilk. Deep within the Cave, the dark god Crom Cruach lurks.