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The Vikings, also known as Northmen, are the main antagonists in the movie. They invade Ireland, killing and burning everything on their way.


In a flashback, the Vikings are seen destroying the isle of Iona , forcing Brother Aidan to flee. Later, there are several scenes showing them advancing slowly towards Kells. Eventually they reach the abbey, burning the villagers' houses and hunting down many of the inhabitants. During the sack, one of them shoots a burning arrow at Abbot Cellach. Their leader then takes Cellach's golden necklace. When he tracks down escaping Brendan and Aidan together with two of his warriors, he first seizes the Book of Kells. As he threatens to kill the two monks, Aisling's wolves attack and kill the three vikings.


The Vikings are depicted as dark and huge of guise, with glowing red eyes and horned helms, fitting into their role as the movie's main villains. They speak sometimes, but in a strange, growl-like language.


The Chief Viking Edit

He is the Viking's leader, recognizable by his long, grey beard.

Crom Cruach Edit

According to Abbot Cellach, the northmen worship Crom as their god.

The Ravens Edit

They use ravens as their scouts.

All other CharactersEdit

All inhabitants of Kells and the other villages plundered by the Vikings are nothing to them. They kill them on sight and take their valuables, burning or destroying everything they don't need.