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with Aisling in her wolf form in the middle (concept art)




Neutral (obey to Aisling)



Base of Operations

The Forest

The Wolves live in the Forest. They are under Aisling's command.


The Wolves are all identical, all black with red eyes. They appear in two ways:

  • Very monstrous With huge mouthes featuring big, pointy teeth and slaver dripping out of it, or
  • Vigilant With closed, invisible mouthes.
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From left to right: "Vigilant", "monstrous", other animals

They look like the former when they are hunting or fighting, and like the latter often when Aisling is nearby. Also, if they look vigilant, they are likely to slip between the trees and diappear from one second to the next.


At the beginning, Aisling in her wolf form (which is, other than the common wolves, white) is seen running through a forest alongside the wolves.

Brendan first encountered the wolves when he got lost in the forest together with Pangur Ban: Eventually he found himself in a circle of huge stones with one single altar-like stone in the centre. Pangur first sensed their presence, soon after they were approaching Brendan slowly. He picked up a stick to defend his life, but the stick was ripped into pieces by the now attacking wolves. The boy rescued himself onto the stone in the middle of the circle and started to pray. Then Pangur escaped into the surrounding mist, not being caught by the wolves. A little later, the wolves changed to the second of the above appeareances and disappeared into the forest. Then Aisling appeared and asked Brendan if Pangur, whom she had picked up, was his cat.

When Brendan and Aidan fled kells, they where intercepted by three Vikings. Their leader first took the Book of Iona and ripped out the pages, then  the vikings try to kill the monks. Here the wolves appear again and save Brendan and Aidan by killing the Vikings.